What Is A Collaborative Divorce Process?

What Is A Collaborative Divorce Process?

What is a collaborative divorce process? A collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial approach to ending a marriage. It involves both parties and their respective attorneys working together to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement without going to court. This method encourages a respectful and less caustic process, promoting a more positive environment for resolution in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. To learn more about what the collaborative divorce process is – and for further legal advice – trust the team of attorneys at Conniff & Keleher LLC. 

What is a Collaborative Divorce Process?

The  “Collaborative process” is a procedure intended to resolve a dissolution of marriage or divorce matter without intervention by a court in which each spouse:

  •   (A) signs a collaborative process participation agreement; and
  •   (B) is represented by a collaborative process lawyer.

Why Choose a Collaborative Divorce Process?

So, why choose to go through with a collaborative divorce process? Consider these three essential reasons:

  • Empowerment: The collaborative process empowers couples to make decisions about their future, rather than having a judge impose rulings. This sense of control can lead to more sustainable and satisfactory outcomes.
  • Preservation of Family Structure: Collaborative divorce helps preserve the family relationship, especially when children are involved.
  • Less Stress: A collaborative divorce process saves lots of heartbreak and further complications. 

Reasons Why a Collaborative Divorce Process Might Not Work 

While defining a collaborative divorce process sounds like the best case scenario, it unfortunately does not work for every divorcing couple. Firstly, lack of cooperation of either spouse will disrupt the collaborative divorce process – both parties must work together. In addition, the upfront costs can sometimes appear to be higher than the traditional divorce process. Typically couples going through a collaborative divorce process have to rely on a team of professionals, which may include:

  • Divorce Coaches
  • Family Specialists
  • Financial Specialists

Utilize the Best Legal Team on a Collaborative Divorce Process with Conniff & Keleher LLC

Have you understood what a collaborative divorce process is? If you’re ready to go ahead with a collaborative divorce, contact our team near Chicago today. At Conniff & Keleher LLC, we represent Chicago couples and couples in the Chicago suburbs who want an alternative to the traditional divorce route with attorneys trained in the collaborative divorce process. 

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