Collaborative Family Divorce Law

Collaborative Family Divorce Law

When couples wish to end a marriage, and minimize their stress or any hostility that’s usually associated with litigated divorce, collaborative family divorce lawyers in or near Chicago can provide a unique approach to the separation and the divorce. What is collaborative family divorce law? Collaborative family divorce law is a method for ending a marriage cooperatively and compassionately through negotiation. 

What is Collaborative Family Divorce Law?

What is collaborative family divorce law? Well, a lot is said simply by the name, the legal process of a collaborative divorce is aimed at helping both parties work together, harmoniously, kindly and respectfully from start to finish. It’s initiated by both parties and legal counsel signing agreements not to go to court, and to determine an outcome together. If a couple decides to go to court, collaborative family divorce lawyers will withdraw representation. 

Collaborative family divorce professionals include collaborative divorce lawyers and can also include neutral professionals, including a financial advisor and a mental health coach. How is this different from mediation you may wonder? Mediation is typically led by a neutral third party, but in the collaborative family divorce process, the lawyers are the ones taking the initiative in the divorce process. It is important to note that collaborative family divorce law attorneys commit to being non-adversarial in their approach to problem solving.

Benefits of Collaborative Family Divorce Law

There are a few things about hiring a collaborative family divorce lawyer that make it an ideal option for people in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs, Including:

  • Collaborative divorces are typically quicker
  • Collaborative divorces offer a more creative problem solving environment which in turn helps to generates more creative outcomes than litigated divorces
  • The innate goal of collaboration helps mitigate hostility
  • Proper collaborative negotiation helps prevent post-divorce litigation. 

When Not to Use Collaborative Family Divorce Law?

The approach of collaborative family divorce law won’t work for every case. What situations are not practical for this approach? They include:

  • Any case of abuse or child endangerment
  • Any case where a spouse hides money from the other spouse
  • If negotiation is impossible due to issues that can’t be mutually resolved. 

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