High-Net-Worth Wealth Management

High-Net-Worth Wealth Management

Divorce can be a stressful process for any couple, and it can be even more of a challenge for executives and high-net-worth individuals. A high-net-worth divorce requires proper planning to prepare for the financial issues that will arise. Because the stakes are higher, high-net-worth wealth management is key. The skilled family law attorneys with Conniff & Keleher explore the importance of high-net-worth financial planning in navigating the challenges of divorce.

High-Net-Worth Financial Planning

As mentioned above, high-net-worth wealth management can make the divorce process far less complicated for executives. The first step for an executive couple contemplating divorce is hiring a financial planner with experience working in divorce. A financial planner is there to guide an executive through a checklist of crucial tasks to complete prior to, during, and after the divorce. A financial advisor can also assist with cash flow projections to determine the realistic costs of maintaining two households. Working with a financial advisor provides peace of mind, ensuring that the client can control his or her finances.

Another important aspect of high-net-worth wealth management is keeping clear records and gathering and providing financial information in an organized manner at the beginning of the divorce process. Not only does this further simplify the process, but it also helps to foster trust between spouses. Discovery disputes slow down divorce proceedings and can be costly.

Working with Divorce Attorneys

In a high-net-worth divorce, financial advisors and attorneys should work together to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Involving a financial advisor early in the divorce process is beneficial in evaluating different settlement and support scenarios, providing insight into how long the money should last, and helping set expectations about the type of lifestyle the client can afford once the divorce has been finalized.

Wealth managers can also help model projected rates of return on invested assets. This information helps clients decide on what they would like to receive in a settlement in addition to the amount of support that is appropriate.

High net worth couples can benefit from a collaborative law process during their divorce negotiations.  By using a neutral financial expert, the couples can work together to resolve financial issues so that each party and the whole family’s needs and interests can be addressed.

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If you are involved in a high-net-worth divorce, working with a financial advisor and a skilled family law attorney will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.  The experienced attorneys at Conniff & Keleher will collaborate with your financial planner for optimal results for you, your spouse and your whole family. Set up a consultation today.

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