“After meeting with one of their lawyers to discuss prenup stuff, I think I can finally say that I understand the various complexities involved. I’m no fan of the lawyer class, but the Conniff folks definitely know their stuff. The price they quoted was what I expected (most of the quotes I got fell w/n a similar range), but their – or at least his – willingness to answer ALL of my annoying questions with sufficient detail is what really impressed me. And trust me, I’m an academic, so I’m pretty sure that my questions were uniquely annoying. Even though I was probably in his office for an hour or so, and clearly on the fence regarding what I should do, he was really patient and didn’t try to pressure me or anything like that. If you’re in the market for a prenup – and there’s nothing wrong with that! – I can’t imagine it getting any better than this. Two thumbs up!”
– Eric S. Albuquerque, NM

“I have worked with Lyn on a collaborative divorce settlement as well a subsequent extension of the agreement. Lyn is fantastic. She is knowledgeable, pragmatic and is adept at working with other attorneys in a positive manner. Lyn’s counsel is excellent, not just in what the law is on a particular topic, but what are the practical consequences of its application. Lyn excels at being her client’s advocate without polarizing the other side. While people often want to complain about attorney’s fees, Lyn is great value for the money.

I am a happy client and recommend Lyn without hesitation.”
– Jim O. Western Springs, IL

“Unfortunately I’ve had multiple legal issues over the last several years. It would be my biggest wish to have the tireless workforce that I had with Conniff & Keleher, LLC presiding and governing these matters. The efforts of this team were incredible and in touch with my sensitivity. After the first phone call I felt assured that I would be given the utmost attention and it was delivered! When times are tough, and things are not making sense, rely on those that have your best in mind. Conniff & Keleher, LLC!”
– Chris W. Chicago, IL

“I came to Lyn C. Conniff & Keleher, LLC for a personal legal issue. They were kind, professional and responsive. The attorneys kept me up to date on the status of the issue and were always available to take my call. They quickly resolved the matter without a single trip to court.”
– Rebecca M. Chicago, IL

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